9-0 Classic

Here’s a 9-0 Classic with a wide-body design. The fuller outline increases planing surface for easier wave catching in small-wave conditions. Dimensions are 19″ x 24″ x 16-1/2″ 3″. Board has all the Classic model features like pinched 50/50 rails, noserider rocker, tail V and blended, half-length nose concave. The outline has a decided “hip” in the outline located at the same place that tail rocker begins to accelerate and tail V is at max depth. On a longboard, the integration of these three features is critical for effortless turns and amazingly smooth cut-backs.

9-0 Classic with proud new owner

I added a crescent (aka “Moon”) tail with flow-through deck scoop. A variation of the square-tail design and much like a swallow-tail, the crescent or moon tail shortens the turning radius and allows slightly greater tail penetration. The tail scoop directs water flow over the tail-block, helping to weigh the tail for improved noseriding.

Photos courtesy of  SliderMagazine.com

I just finished shaping a 9-4 version for the shop which will be available in early May. With the small waves of summer just around the corner, now is the time for you to order a custom Classic.

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