9-0 Nova in action….

I love to see my boards in action! This is Kirt on his 9-0 Nova single-fin at Church’s during the 2/1/15 swell. Kirt is always one of the best surfers in the water at Church’s and he always rides Thomas Patrick Surfboards.  I usually do the Novas as 2+1, but that’s what a “custom” board is all about. Your board, your way.

The dimensions are 9’0″ 18-1/2″ x 22-3/4″ x 15″ 3-1/4″. I built this board almost 3 yrs ago and its good to see it being put through it’s paces. You can see it when it was brand new here. So Cal has had good waves in abundance this winter, and good waves deserve good boards. Order your custom board today!

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