A couple of Mini-Widgets join the loaner pool…

I try to keep at least one sample of every shape I do in stock, as a loaner. I realize that people like to “try before they buy”, and this is especially true with alternative shapes like my Mini-Widget. So, here’s a couple of “demos” for you to try if you’re looking for an alternative to your shortboard.

The tall one is 5-10 x 23″-x2-3/4″ 40.5L and was built for the bigger surfer up to 190lbs. The shorter one is 5-6 x 22-3/8″ x 2-3/8″ 30.4L and would be a good fit for someone less than 170lbs. Both boards are FCS 5-fin set-ups, with quad fins. Both boards are PE/PU construction, with 4oz E-cloth on the bottom and one 4oz E-cloth + 7.5oz Volan deck patch. Weight with fins is 9lbs and 8lb4oz respectively. You’re invited to check one out for a couple of days. Call or email me for more info on loaners.

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