Alternative Shapes

Mini-Widget  This shape is a reduced version of the Widget. I build these with either a wide nose, for a more mini-Simms feel, or with a narrow nose for more vertical surfing. Order these about 6″-8″ shorter than your shortboard. Twin-fin or quad is the typical set up.

Mini LB   This is shape is actually my Nomad LB with about 30in cut out of the middle. The full outline and relatively low rocker is reminiscent of the late-60s transitional boards. Most often a 2+1, this shape can also be set up as a quad.

Mini-Simmons   Full outline and plenty of thickness, combined in a shorter length make this shape the ultimate “grovel” board. I build these in lengths up to 7’0″. There’s a size available for everyone, and again, twin-fin or quad.

All alternative shapes are available in standard polyurethane/polyester, or EPS,/epoxy construction.