Checkin’ new blank…

Checkin’ tail rocker…right on the money

I just received a machined EPS blank from Marko Foam that will eventually become my travel board. I spent a lot of time designing this shape in Aku, so it was exciting to get my hands on it for the first time. This board is a 7-10 round-pin egg, with single-to-double concaves and a speedy rocker profile. It has a nice, full outline to maximize planing surface. Thickness is right at 3″ but I kept the tucked rails foiled, but not too thin. I wanted a board that would work pretty well in most California conditions, short enough to lock in the shell of my truck or inside a mid-sized rental car, and light enough wrangle through hotel lobbies. I won’t get a chance to work on this one until I get back from a week-long visit down to good ol’ SD. My buddy Jay, loaned me his 7-8 TP King Fish for the trip. He’s also the guy that shot this picture, and actually, the same guy who built my website. Good to have talented and genrous friends. Check out his work at and, oh BTW, he also does surf photography for those of you that want to impress family and friends with pictures of your surfing virtuosity. You deserve a “cover shot” for St. Patty’s Day, your BD, or for just being the great person that you are. Am I right?

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