Coming soon to a break in VC…

Took a break in the busy summer season action to build a 7-6HYB4/3 “shop demo” . Here it is shaped, with fin boxes inserted and ready for glassing.

The HYB4/3 is a mid-sized hybrid shape with a single-concave bottom and “V” out the tail. Dimensions are
7-6 13-1/4″x21-3/4″x15″ 2-7/8″. The double-wing, round-pin tail helps to pull in the wide 15″ tail and lends itself to easy turns and smooth cutbacks.

The 4/3 or “5-fin” configuration adds maximum versatility. The board can be surfed as a tri-fin or a quad, depending upon rider preference. I like to use FCS Fusion plugs because there is a wide selection of FCS-based fins to choose from, and the cant of the fins can be set differently.

There is also a 7-8 tri-fin, swallow-tail version of this board at the shop, but it going to a Westlake, CA surfer upon completion.

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