Feeding my fin fetish…

As many of you may have noticed, I have a weakness when it comes to surfboard fins. I’m always looking for that magical fin set-up that will move my surfing to the next level. This time, I may have discovered the ultimate 2+1 fin set.

Manufactured by Shaper’s Fins in Australia, and distributed by Block Surf here in Ventura County, these fins are made using state-of-the-art composite construction. The fins pictured above have a honeycomb foam core, with carbon fiber base and leading edge. The trailing rear-half is fiber glass. Shaper’s calls these fins “Carbon Stealth”. The end result is a light fin that has a variable flex pattern from base to tip, and from front to back. Surfing these fin in slightly overhead conditions at my local point break, I was amazed by how smooth and fluid my turns felt, but with more than enough drive and hold.

I was so impressed with the performance of these fins that I ordered a quad-keel set for my new 7-3 Widget (big brother of the Mini-Widget) I shaped that board last week and now its waiting its turn at the glasser’s.

The wide base and upright rake of these fins will give it plenty of drive and a more “pivoty” feel. The cutaway base will also help reduce the stiffness normally found in low aspect ratio fins. Shaper’s Fins are available in either single-tab (Futures) or dual tab (FCS) styles. Get the full story on these fins at http://shapersfins.com.au/

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