Getting my blog on…

My buddy Reef says I neeed to have a blog for Thomas Patrick Surfboards. And, he should know ‘cuz as a surfer/hip-cat designer dude he knows a lot about such things (to see what I mean go to ). So while he’s busy re-building my funky garage-built website into a primo pro model, I’ll be doing my best to get this blogging thing down.
My plan is to use this blog to present my ideas on surfcraft design and function. I frequently get questions from my customers about design and I always try to provide them with a well-thought out reply which, I’ll admit, can be a little lengthy at times. I’m thinking this blog may be a good way to share that info with anyone else who may be interested. I’ll also try to post photos of recent boards I’ve completed, and hopefully photos of surfers riding my creations. Getting feedback from surfers on how a board performs is very valuable to a shaper, and hopefully surfers riding my boards will use this blog to give me such feedback, positive or negative. Maybe we’ll all learn something in the process.

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