Its been a while since my last blog entry back in September. I hope all of you are well and enjoying the Holidays. Over the past three months I’ve successfully re-located to Ventura County north of L.A. I’d be lying if I said its been an easy transition. Seems like there were road blocks every step of the way. Everything took twice as long as anticipated but it seems I’ve finally settled into my new life in Ojai, CA. What’s more, I have a great new glasser, Ray Lucke of Lucke Glassing, and a place to shape. I was actually able to build two longboards last week for customers who had previously purchased used Thomas Patrick surfboards. I’ll post some pix as soon as Ray has finished them…should be next week.

I know that last Fall I promised a “special offer” for anyone owning a Thomas Patrick Surfboard. Well here’s the offer. If you own a Thomas Patrick Surfboard I’ll take $100 off the retail price of any new board ordered by January 31, 2011. Use the pricelist on my website (www.tp4surf.com), take the base price and add any extras, and then subtract $100. That’s all you’ll pay. Email or call if you have any questions or just want to talk about your next board.

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