Introducing 9-8 Nova Comp


Well worth the wait, the new Nova Comp Model was ready for action today. With its beautiful three-tone Ice Blue resin tint deck and nifty nose pinline, the Nova Comp drew a lot of attention in the parking lot.



Unlike the standard Nova, the Nova Comp offers more rocker at both ends and a wider nose.┬áLate/steeper take-offs are no problem, and the combination of a narrow, round tail, and the 2+1 fin configuration produce smooth, ball-bearing turns. The nose has just enough concave for long nose rides, without too much stalling. I surf this board with 4″ side-bites and a 6″ cutaway center fin.




Red density USB blank keeps this 9-8 just at 18lbs with fins. ┬áVolume is 82L, suitable for riders in the 190-200lb weight range. The Nova Comp is the perfect all-around LB for the intermediate to advanced LBer, and is available in sizes 9’0″ to 10’0″, with volume matched to rider’s weight.


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