Kirt’s New 8-8 Kingfish

Modern Fish




This is Kirt’s new 8-8 Kingfish. Three years ago, I hand-shaped an 8-0 Kingfish for Kirt, and it quickly became one of his favorite shapes. He liked it so much, that he decided he wanted exactly the same shape, but eight inches longer. And, when I say exactly I mean EXACTLY. Kirt wanted the same rail shape and volume, the same foil and the same rocker. To accomplish this was no easy task. First I “blueprinted” the existing 8-0 KF by taking exact (every 3″) rocker measurements and thickness measurements, as well as width measurements from nose to tail. With a sheet-full of measurements in hand, I replicated the 8-0 using the Aku software. I then used Aku to lengthen the shape and increase the width in proportion to the new length. Aku automatically adjusts the rocker to match the new length, and slightly reduces the nose and tail width to maintain the same outline or planshape curve. The old 8-0 was a single-stringer, but this new 8-8 was to be a triple stringer. Since we wanted the offset stringers to exit the outline at the tip of the fish tails, I had to carefully order the stringer offset to match up with the┬átail tips. I sent the file and the blank order to Marko Foam, and the end result is what you see. Kirt chose to have this board finished with S-Cloth to gain a 25%-30% increase in strength over standard E-Cloth. He also chose a tri-color opaque resin tint finish of white, with midnight-blue and magenta stripes. This board is 2.0PCF EPS/Epoxy construction keeping it light and durable.

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