:: Links Here are some links to other sites that you might find useful, interesting or both:

Slider Magazine
Great new site for So-Cal logging enthusiasts. Surfing art, photos and other cool info.

Surf Surfy
This is the website/blog for Moonlight Glassing. Lots of eye candy here. Get some fresh ideas for your next board.

Swaylock's Surfboard Design Forum
Sway's is the premiere source for information on surfboard construction and design. More information than you can ever imagine from some of the best shapers/glassers in the business. An easy way to kill a couple of hours at work.

101 Fins (site under construction)
Marlin Bacon is The Man when it comes to real, custom made, hand-built, solid bamboo fins. WARNING: Once you try 101s you can't go back to solid fiberglass.

True Ames Fin Co
Some amazing center fins, including my two all-time favorites, the "L-Flex" and the "Velzy Noserider". No LokBox but FCS and Futures. Fins avaialble in fiberglass, RTM, and wood. I really like how quickly they fill your fin order.

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