CLASSIC   The Classic is a longboard built in the classic style of the ’60s. It features 50/50 rails, with nose-concave and tail “V”. The Classic is a great small-wave LB and is designed for trimming and noseriding.

NOVA   The Nova is a modern longboard design, featuring tucked, 60/40 rails, and narrow tail with ample “V”.  Nose width is dependent upon its intended use; wider nose for noseriding and narrow nose for riding bigger/steeper waves.

SPEEDSTER   The Speedster is for riding “steep and deep”. Designed for riding waves up to double-overhead, the Speedster is fast and responsive. Usually configured as a 2+1, some prefer the Quad-fin version for speed and hold. The Speedster SG (semi-gun) is new for this winter. Less tail-rocker and more nose rocker than the Speedster, The Speedster SG is built for waves of consequence.

All longboard shapes under 9’6″are available in both standard polyurethane/polyester, or EPS,/epoxy construction. Over 9’6″ PU/PE only.