Midsize Shapes

NOMAD  Mid-size shapes range in length from 8’6″ to 7’0″ come in two basic varieties. “Eggs” have a similar outline to longboards. Eggs are very versatile, and can be shaped to be a good “transition” surfboard, or they can be shaped for a higher level of performance. This shape is offered as a 2+1. tri-fin, quad-fin or 5-fin.

HYB345   Hybrid shapes have an outline more similar to a shortboard, and are a good board for beginners who eventually want to transition to a true shortboard, or for riders who want more performance than what an egg offers. This shape is offered as a tri-fin, quad-fin or 5-fin.

WIDGET  In between these two mid-size shapes is the Widget. The Widget has a very full outline, with a wide point behind center. It features a sloped rail, which helps to maximize volume relative to length.This shape is offered as a tri-fin, quad-fin or 5-fin.

All mid-size shapes are available in standard polyurethane/polyester, or EPS,/epoxy construction.