Mini-Simmons Collaboration…

Several months ago, Ray began researching the mini-Simmons shape with the intention of building a couple. He knew that I had been exposed to this new shape while surfing and shaping in the San Diego area, so he would ask me for feedback as he went through the process of building a template, ordering the blank. selecting the fins and setting the fins. By early summer, he had shaped a couple and placed them in the capable hands of Shawn Tracht, who’s rider’s review can be found in the Sep/Oct issue of Deep Magazine.

After finish-shaping 3 of Ray’s mini-Simmons boards, Ray ask me to
ghost-shape one for him. I agreed and watched intently while he shaped one,
asking questions and taking notes. I was taught by master shaper Tim Phares
that, when ghost-shaping for another shaper, it is just as important to
duplicate the “process” as it is to duplicate the template and dimensions.
Differences in process have subtle impacts on the final outcome. So after
watching and studying his process, I set about shaping a 5’10” mini-sims. 

Now, with the shape complete it was time to set the fins. A
set of glass-on True Ames Hobie Fish fins in “smoke” was chosen. After some
discussion, fin location was determined and marked. The shape was glassed and
the fins were placed as discussed.
Next the board was hot-coated, sanded, gloss-coated and
sanded smooth with 600g.

Its this collaboration, this give-and-take between shapers and glassers and surfers that is at the very heart of surfcaft building.  All photos courtesy of Jay Golien, SliderMagazine.

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