Mini-Widget rider review…

Here’s Justin with his new 5-1 Mini-Widget

This is what he said after his first session a
couple of weeks ago:
“I took the
mini-widget out today at the point and had a blast!  The waves weren’t
great, but the mini-widget shined.  I got quite few set waves (waist –
maybe chest high) and the thing flew like a bat out of hell.  The way you
pulled in the tail with the wing is awesome.  I had another mini simmons
with a much wider tail and found it difficult to get it to do quick directional
changes.  No such issue with the mini widget.  Turns were effortless
and smooth.
The board also
performed really well on the smaller waves too (knee high or so).  I’m a
goofy foot, and have always found surfing small rights on a short board to be a
pain – I’d rather just trim on a longboard.  The mini-widget had all of
the glide I like from a longboard in small waves but I could still do turns and
get in a few little floaters.”
If you love to ride a
shortboard and don’t want to ride a longboard on small days, you need a
Mini-Widget. I have a 5-4×22-3/8″x2-3/8″ MW available for you to
demo. Just give me a call  805-856-8554

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