More stuff about fins…

The importance of fins, or should I say the correct fins, for your board, your specific break and your particular style is often overlooked. Second only to bottom rocker, fins have a major impact on a board’s performance. The modern removable fin system makes experimentation with fin templates and fin location a no-brainer.  Changes in fin shape and/or location can radically alter the way a board rides. A while back, I posted some fin basics which you may want to review. This time I’d like to share a tool that I use to compare center fins for longboards. Fin Comparison Tool Its not too difficult to use or to make your own. It allows you see at a glance how various fins compare in terms of base, depth, rake and overall area. My current favorite for single-fin LBs is the True Ames Velzy Noserider. For 2+1 set-ups I like the True Ames L-Flex or Skip Frye Flex in 7.5″ and the FCS GL Template for side-bites. On mid-size quads I like the LokBox Taylor Knox in front and the LBXM3.8 for the rears.

One of the things that I try to offer my customers is value—bang-for-the-buck. I offer new fins at 60% of retail when purchased with new boards. Likewise on select new board bags and new leashes.

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