New Board for Phil

This is Phil’s second Thomas Patrick, the first being a 9-0 Nova Speedster Quad. Phil is a big guy and wanted something to keep up his wave count on those smaller days, but still work when the waves got bigger. After much discussion, the end result was this beautiful 10-6 Nova 2+1. Dims: 19″x24″x14.5″ 3.625″ Ray at Lucke Glassing did all the glass work, including sanding and polishing. Those are old-school black resin gloss-coat stripes you see, over blue air brush stripes. Here we are getting ready for the first go out at San O.

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  1. Phillip

    Thomas, I didn't think this board could get any better but I was wrong. I am amazed that a board this big can be so fast and maneuverable. It has been fun in the small mushy stuff but wow, I can't believe how well it performed yesterday in solid overhead beach break!!! Can't wait to get my new 7'10". Thanks Thomas, for all the time and the great design.

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