New Nova Daily Driver…

Over the last few months (since the 2013 Holiday season, actually) I’ve come to the unnerving realization that, as my weight has crept up towards 195lb, I just can’t compete for waves on a 9-6. This is especially true on a typical day at my local break, where the waves are a mushy, waist-high. The 10-0 Classic I used last summer was OK, but felt, well, a little log-ish and one-dimensional. My 9-6 Nova Speedster needs shoulder-high or better surf before it hits its stride as a fast, responsive LB. This 9-9 Nova is my attempt to achieve longboard Nirvana, that is, one longboard for all occasions, big or small, fast or slow.

 Dimensions are 9’9″ 18-5/8″x23″x14″ 3-1/8″ I kept the rails a little full, wanting to maintain some of the volume that my 10-0 offered. The tail is a pulled-in, mini-square tail, which I believe is the best tail shape for a “performance” LB. I added a little extra “V” in the tail to compensate for the lower 3-5/8″ tail rocker. This LB should be both fast and responsive. I added a half-length, blended nose concave with a beveled-rail, a la Infinity Rad NR, Stewart Hydro Hull, Walden Magic. The beveled rail is believed to make trimming from the nose a little easier, but we’ll see. I did it more as a shaping exercise, having never done one before.

The board has a t-band center stringer and was finished with a beautiful, resin-tint Ice Green bottom and rails, and an Ice Blue resin-tint deck inlay, set off by a red pin line. A red “wishbone” pin line sets off the bottom concave. Gloss & Polish, of course! The price for a board like this is a reasonable $890 (without fins). Contact me and lets talk about your next “one-board-quiver”.

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