One for the shop…

In between all the recent board orders I’ve taken, I managed to slip in one for the “shop”. This is a 9-6 Nova which is my all-around, go-to, modern longboard shape. It’s a board you can take to the beach almost any day and have a great time. Chest-high or smaller, pop out the side-bites and add a 9.5″ center-fin (Velzy NR by True Ames is my favorite) and “enjoy the glide, the slide and the occasional noseride”. Shoulder-high or bigger, pop in the 3.7″ side bites and your favorite 7″-7.5″ narrow tip center-fin, and enjoy top-to-bottom turns and cheater-fives through speedy sections. A narrow tail and moderate tail V, make this board turn effortlessly, while the half-length, blended nose-concave and moderate nose width invite endless noserides. If you only have budget for one LB in your quiver, the Nova is your best choice. Dimensions: 9’6″ 18″ x 23″ x 14-1/4″  3-1/8″

Foiled at both ends
Love this medium thick tucked rail!

This board was glassed with two layers of 6oz E-Cloth on the deck and one layer of 6oz E-Cloth on the bottom. Ray used just a “stick-dip or two” of yellow pigment in the resin, added a red pinline and finished with gloss and polish.

I love yellow surfboards!!

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