Pick-up day for Kirt…

Kirt arrived at the shop today to pick up his new Nova Hi-Perf Noserider. This is a very unique custom board, something you won’t find at your local surf shop.

 The EPS blank was special-ordered from Marko Foam with a cedar-basswood-cedar T-band stringer. After shaping, the board was glassed in a 2-tone red and blue epoxy resin tint, “shabby chic” style. After lamination the board was sanded and polished to a deep shine (impossible to take pictures without reflections)


Wide nose, narrow tail, nose concave and ultra-light weight make this a shape that can be surfed off the tail or on the nose at the highest level of longboard performance.

Shouldn’t you have one in your quiver?

Last month, Ray and I celebrated our third anniversary of building quality surfboards  together.

Ray Lucke (L) and  Thomas Patrick (R)

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