Sean’s Zinger…

Zinger 2012
Delivered this beauty to Sean just this morning. The Zinger is the
latest iteration of the TPS Widget. “What’s a Widget?” you ask? The Widget is a shape I designed
as an alternative to the “big fish” shapes that started re-appearing
4-5yr ago. 
7-2 Widget 2008
I used the flat rocker, full outline, and double bump tail of my Mod
Fish design, but replaced the swallow-tail with a diamond tail. On the Zinger, I pulled in the nose a tad and added the sloped-deck
rail, which allows max volume without a bulbous rail. Other refinements include
a shallow single-concave bottom, with double concaves feeding the fin array and
a slight amount of “V” starting just in front of the fins running out
the tail.

End results is a speedy mid-sized board with high-performance
features that can be scaled to the riders size. The dimensions of Sean’s board
are 7-2 15-3/4x23x17  3-3/8″ thick.
Here’s Sean and his new Zinger…
Here’s what Sean had to say after today’s first session:
“Well the waves weren’t perfect, knee to waist, winds picked up as the tide went out. I’m surprised how light the board felt in the water, it did everything I asked. I’ve never covered so much ground in small waves before. I caught everything I looked at, lefts rights, point to the cove. I was ready to go in but a few strokes and I was back out catching another wave, it paddles fast. Stay tuned for some new swell in the santa barbara pointbreaks… thank you!”
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