Something wicked this way comes…

Prone Board

Introducing the all new “Manta”. The Manta is a step-up version of the highly successful TBG4. A prone-board built to ride waves in the 6′-10′ range, the Manta has a multi-plane bottom. with a quad-fin set-up designed to make flowing carves on big wave faces. Order this board 4″ longer than a stock TBG4 for your height and weight. This particular board is 52″ long and 22-3/8″ wide. Thickness varies between 1-3/4″ at the centerline and 2″ at the rail. Volume is 26L but with its 2.1PCF eps core and high-performance carbon fiber shell, the Manta weighs-in at only 5lbs!

TB52Manta_Deck01 TB52Manta_Bot01

The unusual nose cutaway allows the rider a comfortable grip position while in the best kick-paddle position. Once in the wave, the rider can take advantage of the extra length by pulling himself forward a few inches for maximum speed. The quad fin placement insures predictable responsiveness for ultimate confidence in waves of consequence.


TB52Manta_Deck03 TB52Manta_Bot3


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