Summer salvation…

I’m calling this 10-0 Classic the “White Knight” because it’s white and its going to save me from the summer-time dragons. Made of 2-lb EPS with a solid 4oz+4oz+4oz S-glass deck and 4oz+4oz S-cloth bottom, this board is light (only 17.5lbs!!) and strong.

This 10’0″ Classic is 18″ x 23-1/4″ x 15-1/2″  3-1/4″ 83.4L Blank was sealed with epoxy and micro-balloons, and then laminated with a whisper of white resin tint, giving the board a slightly opaque look. The board also sports the new “Thomas Patrick” logo on the rails, with little pointy pinline gizmos just to spice things up. 
Finally, I added my old, trusty red TA Velzy Noserider Fin. 
Took it out this weekend at Mondo’s which is the acid test for small-wave, summertime LBs. Had no trouble paddling into weak, waist-high peelers, or making slalom turns through the surf-class foamies.  If, like me, you’re tired of loosing set waves to SUPers on barges and groms on 9-6 logs, order up a 10-0 to 10-6 White Knight and slay those summer-time dragons.. 

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