Surf has been hit and miss…

Sunday was a hit, despite the crowd. This one lined-up pretty good for me.

I surfed my 10yr-old 9-9 Infinity because it was Sunday and my new 9-9 was in the shop having a ding repaired from last Sunday (yep, got a rail bash during my second session). Lesson learned: No new boards on the weekends when the surf-desperados are out in full force. Monday was smaller, but less crowded and I had my blue 9-9 back in water. I really like the feel of this board. It catches waves easy, but not quite as easy as the Infinity. That wide-tail really helps getting into waves. But, my Classic feels much more responsive than my Infinity. The Infinity has a wide 15-1/2″ tail with a 7″ tailblock, while my new 9-9 Classic has a 14-3/4″ round-pin tail. Tail rocker is about the same in both boards. The round-pin has a smooth, predictable turn and a much smaller turning radius. I’m experimenting with the True Ames Greenough 4A 9.25″ fin and it seems to fit this shape pretty well.

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