Advanced Surfer –  You surf at least three times a week and have for three or more years. You’ve mastered all the basics and have developed a smooth, flowing style. You catch more waves than you miss and you’re a regular at your local break. You’re comfortable in waves up to 8′ faces and have surfed double-overhead waves on occasion (maybe triple-overhead even). You have at least three boards in your quiver including a travel board, because you sometimes journey to far away surf destinations. Your board selection is based primarily upon your mood and the wave conditions. At this stage you should be comfortable on just about any shape that fits your size and age. You should also have a working relationship with at least one shaper. 
If you haven’t already started, now is the time for experimentation. Alternative shapes will allow you to break away from your usual surfing routine, and force you to adopt new approaches to the same waves. The choices here are many with new shapes (or variations of older shapes) popping up regularly. The current trend includes fuller outlines in shorter lengths, multi-fins, bottom contours other than single-to-double concaves,e.g. multiple-channels, concave-out-the tail, tri-plane hulls. 
You should have enough experience under your belt and accumulated surf knowledge to become an active participant in your next board’s design. The give and take between you and your shaper will lead to achieving new levels of enjoyment in your surfing. 

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